Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Problems

*****There has been a spike in pageviews,  459, last month!

Nine dodgy traffic sources are active, with Russian and Ukrainian origins.
Google Blogger Help has been notified.
They were able to remove vampirestats some time ago.
One feels maybe this blog should be ended when unsavory issues enter secretly.

We shall see how it goes......


Here is reply from Google:-

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[FAQ] What Are The Bogus, High Activity Links In My Stats Logs? 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making a Pink Seashell.**

More work on making seashell models and I am trying to make it as simple as possible.
So the algorithm is
make 4 stitches into 5,  ie  crochet or knit  once in 3 stitches, then twice in 4th stitch.
Bumps here are made of 3 chains.  Indent is different.  Start with 5.  Numbers are different. 5 rows of 75.
 No need to fine tune the numbers to reach exact Fibonacci or Fibonacci and a half Numbers for each row.  It comes close to that kind of array,  tho personally I get more satisfaction being exact.

This one is the latest. It is not yet sewn up.  Best not to rush it.
Will post as soon as it is made up.
It promises to look OK.
**Please click on image to enlarge it.
Insert 15/5/2015

Well,  this is not the perfect pattern.  The inside thin area is too big.  I now think it might need only a very small thin area at the top to allow configuration of tight small spiral.
Finished model minus the long anterior bit (snipped off)
(Some seashell do have an elongated spindle shape.)

So now it is back to square one with amended Pattern.  One go has already been unravelled because it is not right!  One day it will be done properly...


15/4/2015 continued...

Am staying in Town to continue to hear the Nature Spirits TeleSummit online  ( I have no electricity or Internet at home in my caravan).  Summit is as described in last post.
Good stuff.  Michael Roads has lots of stories.  eg farmer hated foxes because they kill chickens.  Michael asked "What came first-  your hatred or the dead chooks?"  Of course it was -  the hatred.  In the wild the partridges fly away when attacked and only one bird gets killed.  Chooks are in a cage-  they can't fly away,  so the fox thinks it hasn't killed one he/she keeps on killing.  When the farmer stopped hating Fox, the fox stopped killing chooks.....
 Discord brings its own results,  Intention is Everything.
  I am coming to understand a little bit.  Create Change by loving ourselves.

The other bit I love is _ Michael says that even if a Forest is devastated,  it still exists Metaphysically.  You can see it metaphysically.  He can and does.  The Forest or Ecosystem is Still There,  in Spirit!

MInd blowing!  We are each of us Magnificent, Multidimensional, Metaphysical, Immortal Beings of Love and Light.  We have forgotten a lot.  Chances are-  more of us might Remember.

 If one person can do it then it follows that all of us can potentially do the same.
The great Spiritual Teachings tell us that Spirit governs Matter.
Sukyo Mahikari teaches "Spirit first, mind follows, body belongs."


Here is a previous similar model   - bumps are made of 5 chains.  Only one row of 78,   red row is 63.  start with 8,  different at top, different indents.
Sewn up,  it is still a bit mishappen.  So I had to make another (ie.  above).
Here follows the made up model.  A new way to sew it up-  use less padding ,  and start to pad just at the top .  I have tended to be clumsy and overstuff the work!  Light touch.... cotton balls can be unrolled for padding.

There is a lot of work in drawing up diagrams.  Some have been done but often I have to redo them because of mistakes.  Writing up a crochet or knitting Pattern must be exactly Right before it is published.  I am 69 and can forget stuff eg how many stitches are in the indents.
So I have to make Another one to get it right!
Each one can take more than one day to make.  Thus we are still waiting for a  Correct Pattern.

How do you like this beauty of a Real Seashell?  
The "bumps" are most elaborate.
About 25 bumps-   5 or 6 big ones,  about 8 medium,  about 13 smaller.

Interesting point is 5 +8 +13 = 26  and 26 = 2 x 13.
Thus an Equation for Fibonacci Numbers
Fn  +  Fn+1  Fn+2  =  2  Fn+2 .     eg 233 + 377 + 610  =  1220  =  2 x 610.


 One is Continuously trying to Improve.  Still guessing what to do.....
 I need to micro measure real seashells,  eg the pointy Auger Shell etc.. 


Please click on image to enlarge it.

A challenge for the future!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nature Spirits!

Today,  and for two weeks since 1st April --- a TeleSummit  on Nature Spirits...
 audio for 48 hours after the Summit online.  And buy DVDs etc.

Kim Wilborn  is host.

Speakers are:-
David Furlong.  He said Gaia has a male counterpart called Geb ( old Egyptian name for Earth)!
Pam Montgomery.  Hear the sound of a silver Begonia singing!  3 minutes.  Thanks to a device which hooks the plant up with electrodes;  made in Damanhur in Italy.
Elyse Pomeranz.
Tanis Halliwell
Dr Steven Farmer
John Springer  ask for rain
Lisa Michaels
Gail-Elizabeth England
Diana Henderson
Laura Walthers  on fairies  - she looks like one.
Camilla Blossom  on.....Mermaids.
Alphedia on Celtic Fairies.
Dr Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander
William Bloom
Pavithra Novak
Scott Kloos  plant teachers and forest medicine
Susan Raven
Naisha AhsFaian on elementals and crystals
Faye Greening
Raven Many Voices  ...on Dragons.
Michael Roads  writer from Australia****
David Spangler of Findhorn.

Something new to think about in these troubled times.  All is not gloom.
Humans have been in amnesia,  Nature spirits have been in hiding.  It is the plants and trees who have been holding the spiritual Fort.  All is now coming Together,  and we all have our part in it as Sacred Humans on a Sacred Path.    
Under the seas there are coral gardens as we can see in the videos embedded in this blog.  Mermaids are a favorite of mine in this Seashell Land  (see past posts  6/13/2012,  8/1/2012  and 1/31/2013.


A New Knitted Seashell**

Here is photo,  and a view before stitching up.
 I must still write up the Pattern asap.  Increase once every 5th stitch.....
8 cm tall and 4 cm wide.  Up to 89 stitches.  4 ply knitting cotton here.

Please click on image to enlarge it.

After this there is plan to make permutations and combinations of numbers and yarns and colours...


Combining the Fibonacci Series and Half Fibonacci Series  (post of 9/13/2014)  reveals a new series:-

0,  0.5,  1,  1.5,  2,  2.5,  3,  4,  5,  6.5,  8,  10.5,  13,  17,  21,  27.5,  34,  44.5,  55,  72,  89,  116.5,  144,  188.5,  233,  305,  377,  493.5,  610,  798.5,  987,  1292,  1597,  2090,5,  2584,  3382.5,  4181,  5473,  6765,  8855.5,  10946..............

So I can use 5 in row 1,  then say  8,  then 10,  13,  17,  21,  27,  34,  44,  55,  72 ( actually I use 70 - it is a bit easier to calculate...,),  89   and so on.
I  posted how to do this in the afore mentioned post.....  knit 3 then 2x in 4th stitch is algorithm,  with minor adjustments at the end to achieve the exact Fibonacci number.
but I will rewrite it up presently,   with more details.

The thin inside ares should be adjusted a bit further in,  it is all to make the model less bulky.

**You could easily make it all in one colour, 
with green in row with 70 stitches, even with knob or spikes on the 70 row.

You could transcribe it all to crochet;  start from the bottom at 5.
You could change it to just increase 4 to 5 or decrease 5 to 4 without  fiddling with adjustments at the end of row to make a serious Fibonacci number.  Vague might be ok.

And make it with more stitches ie up to 144 or 233.....

 *** It is all in the sewing up along the spiral "suture".
 I crocheted a row on final inside edge with the fine cotton.  This makes it easier to then sew final edge on to the row under 70 using a skewer to wind the work into a spiral beginning at the top,  as described in past posts eg  9/12/2014 and associated posts.

Cotton balls from the chemist can be each unrolled to make a flat piece,  so layers can be inserted as one sews up the piece,  to pad it.  Other fibres can be used if you have anything suitable.

We will find out how to make a proper tall spired seashell eventually!.


A Gallery of Seashell Models**

Here is my collection of seashell models I have made, using the Fibonacci Series numbers evenly spacing the increase and decrease stitches.  
ie.  4 stitches increased to 7 ,  or 13 stitches increased to 21

The newest model is the little knitted one sitting on the beanbag,  and it looks to be a good one.  
This time I increase one every 5th stitch;  
this algorithm was published in any earlier post "Fibonacci plus half Fibonacci series" of 9/13/2014.
The next post will document this model.  and I promise it is going to be an easier method.

There has not been a good enough actual crochet or knitting Pattern yet;  am working through problems.....when I have the best Pattern then I will post it online.

There are some more,  to be continued.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Seashell models**

This amazing image came from Facebook newsfeed from Nassim Haramein.  Most appropriate for my blog here!  I shall check up the origin.......asap.

Insert 10/4/2015
Caracas born Venezuelan artist Raphael Arajuo makes "these wildly detailed drawings".  Here is web link to see them,  and his website is

There are six models that I am crocheting just now,  all tentative efforts, not yet finished.  Not perfected yet........ I shall publish as soon as it is to hand.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Seashell Models Continue.**

Here I try to imagine what the inside of the tall seashell looks like.  It still is not exact.  Thinner column inside.  Height is 3 or 5 times the width.  Tricky to make.

One observes with wonder that the mantle of the live creature inside does all the mathematical work exactly,  building up the calcium and proteins and coloured minerals via glands.  Is there a Nature Spirit or spiritual creator being at work every second in the life of this organism?
It is said that of even we human beings "we are more like flickering flames than lumps of meat" ....I need to find the right quote...  ***12/3/2015  I corrected some words,  and still have to find the author when I get back home

3/4/2015  more:  It was Candace Pert on Life Matters ABC Radio,  but I lost my notebook.  You can find YouTube video interview with the late Candace Pert,
On the brain.  Interestingly one video on miraculous cures....she said - we have been lied to ----cancer is caused by pollution!

**Is spirit and matter like a strobe light?
 Physics articles on Facebook feed indicate something like it.

aah---here is the article:-
Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.

Also on YouTube  2:29:36   long video!  Mind Science Kept Hidden Doc.  We are Vibrational.  by Sirius Olmec


My own diagram of the inside of a real seashell, above, was drawn and published previously.  
Post of 4 May 2013.
The very inside is shown to be paper thin.

This model above  has been published earlier  (post of 19 January 2012) and subsequent posts, in "A Proper Pattern"    which has had more than 500 pageviews already.  It is not a perfect crochet pattern yet,  the top is tricky;  am working on it.


Here are two new efforts,  just tentative ones.  I wondered what shape would come if one used the algorithm I discovered in 2010 to make the first seashell models...
 ie   Fn = 2Fn-2  +  Fn-3 of the Fibonacci Series.
 eg  ....  13=2x5 +3,  21=2x8 +5,  34=2x13 + 8,  55=2x2x21 +13,  89=2x34 +21,  144=2x55 + 34.  etc.

The top image (144 stitches crochet) is like a top shell.
The lower image (89 stitches crochet) is like a whelk.

The difference is the 2x side is one one side in one model,  and it is one the other side for the other,  ie  144= 2x 55 + 34   versus   89= 21 + 2x55.
The 2x  area of the Fibonacci fan skews the frilly edge one way or the other.
Also the thin central portion of the Fibonacci fan is accordingly placed.
Here the stiching up of each item is as recently determined =  nothing like the way it was done in 2010.


I am working on 3 more different models,  not finished yet.  Very tricky.  One tries one way and it doesn't turn out quite as expected.  So one has to start again and again, experimenting.

There are 2 more permutations for the above algorithm equation,  
ie  144 = 17 + 2x55 + 17,   maybe this might become a bubble shell?  skew is in the middle.
or,,,,  34 = 2x13 +5 one row, turn,  55 = 2x21 + 13 next row, etc,  so the skew is even over piece.

Plus make a plain row between each increase row...
put stripe rows of a different colour in to designate particular rows...

Plus how much of the model needs to be paper thin in the middle?  1.2?  1/3?  1/4?

Then there is the usual algorithm I use 
 ie 4 crochet stitches make 7  which is adjusted to 13 makes 21 stitches

**Plus the new,  for me,  algorithm  of 4 stitches into 5  ie crochet in 3 then 2x into 4th, making 5.  
My reckoning is that this fits the fibonacci series together with the half fibonacci series,  published earlier.  
Here one fibonacci number made into the next fibonacci number takes 2 rows' work 
 whereas the 13 to 21 algorithm does it in  one row.


Meanwhile it is autumn and peaches (three trees full) are ripe. 
Making jam and preserves is all done now,  and I might just get around at last to focusing on these seashell models,  that is, if I don't get distracted by something else. 
 Summer has been terribly hot in my caravan-  34 degrees C  even up to 37,  39!  At least we have survived  - no bush fires this year in our region,  tho it has been fiendishly dry - no rain.

Gorgeous parrot.   Maybe a rainbow lorikeet,  but I do not know my bird names exactly.  Birds enjoy gnawing at fruit.  The Black Swamp Wallaby and maybe a fox have been feeding also.  Plenty for us all.  One has to collect up all the  fallen fruit and put into black plastic bags into a bin to compost and to kill any fruit fly.  Luckily only a few fruits have inside rotten brown with fruit fly this season.