Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Auger Shell With Tall Spire, model making Continued....

still won't allow more.......
anyway I shall try to make a crocheted model from my tentative Pattern worked out,
and will post results on another day!


Mathematical Model for a Seashell with a Tall Spire.

Two Augur Shells, each 90mm in length, above.
Tracing of ventral view of one shell, below.

A rough model for a theoretical auger shell.

The cone is made.  Spiral is drawn up the sides.

Snip up the red line. flatten out.  This is the shape need for the top surface of seashell


I am guessing at internal column of shell,  must be thinner than outer surface.

Measure the heights at each level of the sutures:-

Oh dear,  the blog won't allow be continued......


Monday, January 26, 2015

Fibonacci Ripples Merge into a Spiral

This was posted early on in this blog.
Notice that the radius eg of circumference 34 units is almost 1/10 of the next number 55,  all the way along.

Please click on images to enlarge them.

Theoretical spiral made by merging the Fibonacci ripples above.

More work to follow, comparing this with the spire of a real seashell......
We can also try to project the lines up into a cone of varying heights........


More work,  12/2/2015

Compare these, the theoretical, and the real.  Almost exactly the same.

Three short spired and one long spired seashells.
One can make mathematical models by projecting the merged spiral up into cones of varying heights.
=  next post!

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