Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Fibonacci Christmas Tree= Crocheted Cone **

In 2012 I posted "A Theoretical Fibonacci Christmas Tree".
This year I will crochet the cone.....I will post this work  asap.
** Begin with flat "fibonacci ripples" to 89 stitches......mathematical modelling diagram will follow...


***  cone is 6.5 cm diameter,  height 15 cm.
Happy Christmas !


The idea is that when a Crochet Pattern for Cones is determined,  then I can work on a Spiral Cone and this will continue on in a study of the tops (spires) of  SEASHELLS,  some of which are very pointy indeed,  even with height 9 x the base opening area.


A Red Blood Cell Crocheted **

The next project is to crochet a red blood cell,  torus shape with flat centre circle.

Mathematical modelling Pattern will follow as soon as it is drawn up properly.

Looks like Nassim Haramein is onto it also.  This is from Facebook news feed:-

The 4 & 7 Color mapping of Reality -- Arthur Young --

How To Crochet With Beads

Sunday, October 19, 2014

More Models- Hyperbolic Crochet Spheres etc.

Text to follow asap.


This was found on facebook via science is awesome site.

Beads and bits of gold were provided for caddis fly!  What an artist!

We can incorporate beads onto our crochet models too....